Tuesday, February 14, 2012

MRI Results/ Valentine's Day

Well today was really awesome! I woke up early to make Adam some home-made waffles, but soon found out we were out of eggs, so I sent him to the store. He came back with bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, and orange rolls. We had a BLAST cooking together  :)    After our yummy breakfast, we watched a Johnny Depp movie <3 (Adam also brought it back from his trip to the store.)  We babysat our cute nephew Blake and adorable niece Kaitlyn. I also had job training today and may I say, I DID AWESOME! I love my life!

Carson's doctor called us today! They got the results and everything is A.O.K!  He does have a little fat patch at the base of his spinal cord, but they said that is nothing to be concerned about. I am soooo grateful for all the love, positive energy, and prayers everyone has sent our way. Thanks for all your support everyone! I feel so much better knowing that Carson is not going to have all the struggles I have had to go through. I know that there are worse things that could happen (believe me, I've seen worse off!) but it is a HUGE relief knowing that there is without a doubt no question that he is free of Tethered Cord Syndrome! Yay! So Carson will (continue to) live a care free and normal life. Such a happy little booger!

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