Sunday, February 19, 2012

Millie- The Fighter.

This is Millie Flamm. Millie is 6 years old and has the best smile I have ever seen!!! How do I know Millie? She is my aunt's niece! What makes Millie so special? Well, she has gone through 2 years of chemo for a horrible disease called leukemia. She was just 4 when she had to go through it the first time. YES. I did say THE FIRST TIME. Her and her family were celebrating "no more chemo" when they found out, the monster was back. Her only hope now is a bone marrow transplant. They tried to see if her younger brother was a match, and unfortunately he was not.  You can help Millie! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider donating your bone marrow. It is crucial for children (and adults) with this horrible cancer. THIS IS HER LAST CHANCE! Millie deserves this so much. She deserves to do great things in life.

I went to visit her while I was up at Primary Children's Hospital last week for Carson. We were talking about how awesomely her room was decorated for Valentine's Day. Millie started talking to me and do you want to know how her sentence started out? "The first time I found out I had cancer...."  To me, that is soooo sad! No child should have to say that. I just started to cry and wanted to hug her so much. She has such a wise soul and seems so innocent, yet she is so grown up already.

If you can't donate marrow, please try to donate a little time to making a card or note. Those sort of things just light up her day, I'm sure! I plan on visiting Millie again soon and would be happy to deliver your cards (or anything else you would like) to her. Thanks everyone, and pass along the message!

If you want to talk to Millies parents or ask questions, please contact me and I will give you her parent's facebook info (by asking them first)

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