Thursday, February 9, 2012

Carson's MRI

Everyone has been asking about Carson. (I recently posted via Facebook we had an appointment with a neurologist) Here is the update so far: Carson has an MRI on the 13th of February at Primary Children's Hospital. It is nothing that anyone should be concerned about because we don't know anything yet! The ONLY reason(s) they are doing an MRI is because he has a Sacral dimple (right above his bum on his back) and because I have a syndrome called Tethered Spinal Cord. They said they normally wouldn't do imaging, but due to my history, they want to make sure. He has so far met all the milestones for his age. There are other symptoms that we won't know about until he is older (bed wetting, tripping, pain, etc) but they want to find out now while we are ahead. I REALLY struggled with the decision of giving him an MRI because I didn't want to sedate my poor little booger. I've heard many stories about the anesthesia damaging children and I didn't want that for him. I also didn't want to put him at risk for developing more issues if we didn't "catch" this syndrome now. So I finally made a decision after talking to several people and getting input from other parents. We are going to go through with the MRI. It is scheduled at 1 on Feb. 13. I am very anxious, but I'm also 100% sure that I need to go through with this. There was just an overwhelming feeling that I needed to do it (once I had calmed down and put my worries aside.). Thanks for all your guys' support on this situation and love  :)  Let's think good thoughts this Monday!


  1. what a hard decision to have to make! You are such good parents. I'll pray for you, and little Carson boy. Hope everything goes well!

  2. ha. you blogged again. i'll take credit for making you.,, also, i love that little guy! and you of course :)i think you're being smart about your decision. good thoughts your way!