Saturday, October 15, 2011

Beginning of another story/book.

(We will see where this "story" goes. I'm feeling confident about it. It's not much, yet. I'll keep adding to it as ideas flow.)

I thought about you today. I think about you everyday. As I was thinking about you, I started to cry. Where are you now? I'm sure you're happy wherever you are, but I truly wish you were here. I wish I could lay on your chest and  tell you about my day, about the cute couple I saw at the grocery store, and how they were talking about their perfect wedding. She was still holding her bouquet and had her veil on. Wearing a white sundress. Do you remember our perfect wedding? How we had to stop at the gas station on the way to the hotel, so I could use the bathroom?My wedding dress hardly fit into the doorway! We laughed so hard, the tears rolled down our faces. I wish we could do it all over again.

All the wishes in the world could never bring you back to me. We don't have a second chance. Do we? So many questions are swimming around in my mind right now. Can't you just come back? Why did this happen to us? Do you think about me, and our three beautiful children?
 I even have anger toward you. How could you do this to us? You left me with so much to take care of. I'm still too scared to go down into the basement when a fuse blows. I need you back to do these things for me! We were so pleasantly happy together. Why at this moment, did you choose to leave?

Either you were too perfect, or God wants me to be miserable. He took you away from me. Way too soon. We never went to Italy, we never built our own house, we never took the kids to Disneyland. But most of all, we didn't open your restaurant. We still had so many dreams to make come true and I'm sorry, I just thought we had our whole lives to spend together.

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