Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Blog, New House

Yes people, this time, it's real! WE HAVE A HOUSE. We are not renting, but buying! We have been house-hunting for what seems like ages now... and finally found the perfect home. (I say home, not house because that's what it is!) I've been PRAYING that we would find the right home and that it would find us. It seemed hopeless for a while, all the houses we looked at were either really tiny and ready to move in to, or really gigantic and in need of some major renovation. Yesterday we saw 5 houses and every one we saw, I liked (which is rare on our house hunts) so... we thought about putting offers on a few houses that day. BUT. When I walked into this house, I fell in love. I started tearing up. Yes, crying.... It felt amazing in that house.. just like home. We placed an offer, the owner "countered" it... and came back with a different price, which we agreed upon. NOW WE HAVE A HOME! Woohoo! Its 1560 sq feet, 2 level, four bedroom (2 up.. 2 down)  new tile in kitchen and bathroom, new granite countertops, BRAND new fridge and stove, new carpet, and new paint. I'm so excited to live with my perfect little family in our awesome house. Hope you enjoy the pictures! (The bedrooms are pretty much smaller versions of the living room)

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